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Best Study Spots Off Campus

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Casey Erwin

Before entering law school, no one prepares you for the amount of studying you’ll have to do. Even when you think you have your readings and assignments caught up, a professor will throw a hypo your way. Reading, outlining, and organization are key to preparing for finals. While most of us go to the library to study, it can be nice to find places off campus to study. Here are a few of the best study spots off campus:

Located right across the street from Millsaps College is a little coffee shop named Native Coffee. The inside has a homey feel, and they also have the best lemon poppyseed muffins! The key to studying at Native is to go early in the morning, since they can get quite busy. Aaron Patrick (2L) explains that, for the (super) early studiers, it is the best place to focus, since they open at 6am.

District Donut is my favorite place to go, whether I am studying or not. District Donut is a New Orleans owned company, so I always feel like I’m at home when I go. While their Wi-Fi connection can sometimes be spotty, it is a great place to get caught up on your readings. District Donuts also offers the best donuts and sliders around. Their Hot Chicken & Honey Butter Biscuit will really help you get into the study groove.

Urban Foxes
One of the best hangout spots to study is Urban Foxes. Aaron Patrick (2L) says Urban Foxes “is a good time, anytime” to go study. Urban Foxes is open until 5:30pm every day. The pie is great and they’re only a 5-minute drive from campus. And, for evenings where you want to take a study break, Urban Foxes hosts their After-Hours Concert Series, with the next concert being October 14th.

Via Instagram, @urbanfoxesjxn

My favorite place to study off campus is definitely Cups in Fondren. Cups is usually open at 6am, which is great for early studiers, and doesn’t close until 7pm. The Cups in Fondren has three different rooms that flow into one another, giving people a variety of places to sit and do their work. Cups also offers fast Wi-Fi, which can sometimes be hard to find. Another good thing about Cups is that they have locations all over the Jackson area, so you are sure to find a location that is close to you!

Another popular study spot is PJ’s in Fondren. Jordan Rogan (2L) explained “I enjoy studying on their outdoor patio. When the weather is perfect, I can sit on their outdoor patio and get some shade or sunshine. I also like their coffee, it’s not as expensive as some other shops but just as good, maybe even a little better.” During finals, Jordan explains that after studying for a few hours, she is able to take walking breaks around the pretty homes in the Fondren area.

Study Spots in Flowood
Not all of us live within the Jackson area, so it is sometimes good to find study spots that are closer to your home. Meagan Wahl (2L) really enjoys studying in Flowood. She explains “I love the Starbucks in
Flowood because they provide a lot of space to study, and their outdoor patio is nice to sit at when there is good weather. It can be a little busy though, so, if I want a quieter place to study, I will go to the Flowood Public Library. It’s typically not crowded, and they have multiple study rooms available.

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