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From the Heads of MC Law Campus Organizations: How to Get Involved

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Elizabeth R. Fleener

While MC Law may be a small school, the opportunities for student involvement are abundant. Whether a student is looking for a chance to serve, build his or her resume, or network, there is an organization for every student on campus. After reaching out to the organizations here at MC Law, each of the following organizations exhibited an interest to welcome new members.

American Civil Liberties Union: Jamie Mathis, President
ACLU has a simple goal: ensuring that all peoples of the United States have every right guaranteed to them by the Constitution. In Mississippi, the MC Law chapter is working to ensure that voting and First Amendment rights are preserved and protected. Before joining, past president Charlie was told that “it doesn’t matter what party you [belong to], if you love the Constitution, then you belong with the ACLU.”

Want to Join?
For a new student to join, simply attend the first meeting of the new academic year this fall! Elections generally take place at the end of every academic year. Charlie says that “ACLU is always growing and always looking for new members.”

Animal Legal Defense Fund: Casey Erwin and Jordan Rogan, Co-Presidents
Casey Erwin and Jordan Rogan serve as co-presidents for The Animal Legal Defense Fund or ALDF which is making a post COVID-19 comeback. Casey explains that ALDF "is a national organization aimed to promote laws that provide a legal voice for animals." Buddy's Law, "named after a dog who was almost killed by a young boy in Mississippi," inspired Jordan and Casey to restart ALDF. According to Casey, the story of Buddy led Mississippi legislators to pass a bill which "requires the psychological assessment of youth who torture animals." Despite this, "Mississippi is ranked forty-eighth in the country for animal protection laws;" but Casey and Jordan both feel that "if [they] can get students involved in the community, [they] can promote the welfare of animals in Mississippi."

Want to Join?
The first interest meeting for ALDF is September 13 at noon in room 200 or via zoom! As the newest organization on campus, ALDF needs help filling positions on the executive board. Elections will be held in November, and interested students should email for more information.

Black Law Student Association: Anthony Jackson, President
Anthony says that BLSA “articulates and promotes the needs and goals of Black and minority law students to effectuate change in the legal community.” The mission of the organization is to “increase the number of culturally responsible Black and minority attorneys who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.” Anthony also mentions that the MC chapter is part of a larger organization, the National Black Law Students Association (NBLSA) for which he serves as the National Director for Academic Affairs. With more than "200 chapters nationwide and even international chapters in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Nigeria," Anthony also mentions that "NBLSA is the largest student run non-profit in the country."

Want to Join?
At the beginning of the semester, BSLA hosts an interest meeting for students to learn about the chapter and what is required to become a member. Make sure to add BSLA to your TWEN page and pay your dues! Anthony wants students to know that BLSA is open to all students at MC LAW and “everyone is welcome to join our family and help us to work towards our organization’s purpose and mission.”

Christian Legal Society: Jacob Brister, President
CLS is a national organization that strives to “develop and maintain a vibrant Christian law student presence on campus, enabling its members, individually and as a group, to love the Lord with their whole beings – hearts, souls, and minds – and to love their neighbors as themselves (Matthew 22:37-40).” On campus, CLS creates a place for law students for fellowship, attend bible studies, and hear from practicing lawyers living out their faith.

Want to Join?
Membership is simple, add CLS to your TWEN page! To be eligible for an officer position, you should also pay the membership fee and attend at least half of the meetings.

Civil Law Society: Jacob Brister, President
The Civil Law Society promotes the study of Louisiana’s Civil Law System by assisting students by providing information and opportunities for gaining practical experience in Louisiana while in law school. CLS holds “regular meetings which feature distinguished members of the Louisiana Bar and Bench.”

Want to Join?
According to Jacob, this organization is a “must” for students from Louisiana or students considering practicing in Louisiana. Jacob says that the organization and the school’s Civil Law program “go hand in hand.” To be a member, join the TWEN page and to be an officer, also pay the membership fee and attend half the meetings!

Dean’s Ambassadors: Peyton Pope, Student Director of Admissions
Peyton is responsible for networking with prospective students and helps them schedule a time to come and tour the school. A DA or Dean’s Ambassador is then assigned to give the tour. DAs are current MC Law students who volunteer to not only give tours, but also work orientation, assist with Preview Days, and work Inn of Court on behalf of the Dean. DAs “give prospective students a genuine, accurate representation of what life is like as an MC Law student.” Peyton loves getting to meet all kinds of people from all over the country who all want to be lawyers.

Want to Join?
Peyton says that “this organization is for all types of students traditional or non-traditional, single, married, or parents.” Applications open in the Spring semester and Kristian Gautier, Assistant Director of Admissions, will sent out an email with the attached application. Holding a DA position can be “as much of a time commitment as you want it to be.” Members are only required to give one tour a semester and work 1L fall orientation before classes start. Peyton wants potential Dean Ambassadors to know that “…you just need to be a student who love MC Law and wants to share your experience with others.”

Health Law Society: Elizabeth Fleener, President
The Health Law Society is an organization “established to advance extracurricular studies of health-related legal issues; facilitate interdepartmental communication between the legal and medical communities; and increase educational opportunities concerning health related legal issues for law students and the community.” HLS hosts regular meetings with high-caliber speakers and of course, free lunch.

Want to Join?
If a student has an “interest in becoming part of an organization that emphasizes the legal side of health-related issues and would like to take part in helping the community as well” he or she should definitely join. The first step is adding the page on TWEN and paying $15 semester dues. Elections are held in April and membership gives students “an opportunity to become more familiar with the Health Law Certificate Program.”

Law Review: Kelsi Baldwin, Editor-in-Chief
As Editor-in-Chief of the Mississippi College Law Review, Kelsi and the other members work diligently on the publication of the yearly law journal “which features innovative scholarship from not only
current Law Review members, but also from leading jurists from across the nation.” Members provide authors with “open lines of communication in the editing process” in an effort to “[connect] the author with her reader.” Kelsi is proud that the Law Review “actively encourages its members to develop pioneering legal commentary for potential publication.”

Want to Join?
Students can “grade on” to Law Review if he or she is ranked in the top 10 students at the end of 1L year. Another way to join Law Review is through a “Write-on Competition” which requires students to have a GPA of 3.0 or above. Participants write a case note which is anonymously graded by current Law Review Staff writers. Invitations are extended to those with the highest average scores on their case notes. Kelsi encourages “everyone to strive to become a part of this memorable organization.”

Law Student Bar Association: John Pyles, President
According to John, LSBA is committed to “supporting academic excellence, lasting experiences in student life, and success in the legal community.” LSBA is proud to “allow students to use their own personality, ideas, and experiences to make MC Law a better place and to open doors for themselves in the legal community by networking in the Jackson area and engaging with MC Law alumni.”

Want to Join?
There are LSBA Executive, Senate, and Judicial positions. Executive positions are ordinarily elected with the exception of two appointed positions: Chief of Staff and Director of Marketing. Senate positions are ordinarily elected but can be appointed. Elections take place at the end of the spring semester and 1L Senators are elected at the beginning of fall each year. While LSBA Judicial is undergoing changes, the position(s) will likely be appointed in the future. John wants interested students to know that the upcoming school year will be “the most exciting year to be part of…so you all should get involved in any way possible!” Be on the lookout for involvement opportunities.

Mississippi Defense Lawyer’s Association: Katelyn Simmons, President
MDLA seeks to “increase the number of defense litigators who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.” MDLA regularly has attorneys and judges from all over the state as guest speakers in an effort to “[give] a different perspective and advise young lawyers interested in pursuing a career in defense.” Past-president Addison Walsh highly encourages “any student who might be interested in pursuing a career in defense to join MDLA because the connections are never ending.” MDLA also hosts an “Annual Happy Hour” where chapter members socialize and network with attorneys from around the state.

Want to Join?
To join, simply pay annual dues ($10 for the 2022-2023 year). Executive positions are elected in April and eligibility requires being a student at MC Law, paying your dues, and attending at least one meeting or event per semester. Students should add MDLA to their TWEN page to become a part of a state organization more than 400 active members.

Moot Court: Shelby Parks, Chair
Being a Moot Court Board Member gave Shelby Parks an opportunity for practical expereicne in brief writing, research, preparing oral arguments, and preparing cases and fact patterns for trial and aribitration. Shelby says that MC Moot Court board members have the opportunity to participate in national appellate, arbitration, trial, and pretrial practice competitions. Shelby is also proud that the "board consistently outranks top law schools in competitions". These competitions can also serve as an "avenue for receiving job offers." The Board has several leadership positions on the executive board and each has "its own unique [requirements, responsibilities, and workload.]"

Want to Join?
The "Board is undergoing a change in the process of joining as a member" but "[t]raditionally, the Board hosts the annual Copeland, Cook, Taylor, & Bush (CCTB) Competition as a vetting system for new members and to determine who will be invited to join the Board." With both an oral and written component to the competition, the CCTB writing component usually begins beginning in the summer "between 1L and 2L year" and the oral argument rounds will begin in the fall semester, mirroring what a typical competition looks like. Invitations are made after the preliminary rounds.

Oil and Gas Law Society: Chase Morgan, President
This society was formed to “provide networking opportunities to students interested in the oil and gas
industry as well as to promote MC Law in the oil and gas community.” As president emeritus of the “best club on campus” Taylor Thomas is “proud of the extensive national connections the society provides.”

Want to Join?
The first step in joining is adding the society to your TWEN page and if a student seeks further involvement, reach out to the new executive board. Executive positions are held in April and can be “as involved as the officers want them to be.” Anyone can be part of the organization and Chase “encourages anyone who needs leadership experience to reach out and the executive board can find a position for them!”

Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity: Joetta Brashear, Past Justice

Established in 1902 and with a mission “to advance integrity, compassion, and courage through service to the student, the school and the profession, and the community,” the Griffith Chapter prides themselves “on being the best servant leaders and selfless advocates” they can be. The Second largest legal organization in the United States, second only to the ABA, Phi Alpha Delta offers benefits during and after law school. Joetta says this is “more than a resume builder” and more of an “opportunity to build relationships and network…” whether meeting for dinner or throwing axes. PAD also provides “invaluable opportunities” like scholarships and internships.

Want to Join?
PAD has a TWEN page, GroupMe, and Instagram. Those interested should submit a membership application to initiation fee to and click “Join Now.” Executive Board positions are accepted in the spring!

Women's Student Bar Association: Allie Burroughs, President
Since joining WSBA, President Allie Burroughs says she has networked not just at MC Law, but throughout the Jackson-Metro area. She says that WSBA was “established to advance the extracurricular activities of the female student body, facilitate community service between the association and the Jackson community, and to facilitate networking between the association’s members and the legal community in Mississippi.”

Want to Join?
Interested students should reach out to an executive board member and pay their semesterly dues. Leadership position elections are held in the November and eligibility is based on GPA, participation, and standing with MC Law.
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