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MC Law LSBA Committees for 2023 - 2024

This year, there’s a new way to get involved on and around campus with LSBA Committees. LSBA Committees are designed to allow a larger portion of the student body to have an influence on the many different facets of student life. You might ask, “who was the handsome genius that came up with the idea?” That’d be our very own LSBA President, Sam Kinslow, and here’s what he has to say about it:
“The purpose of the committees is twofold. The first point is to allow outside perspectives to slip into LSBA’s operations. While we have a great group on our exec & senate, we’re only limited to our own point of view. This helps us to be responsive & expand our parameters.
The second point of the committees is to let the leadership of the student body shine. We have a ton of leaders on campus & we want to put as many people in positions where they wanna be since passionate work almost always equates to good work.”

Now, more students than ever before will have an opportunity to have their voices heard, and there’s a multitude of ways to do so. Here are all the current committees with a little tidbit about them:

MENTAL HEALTH COMMITTEE - The role of the mental health committee will be to provide insight into the Mental Health Week events LSBA puts on yearly. Further, LSBA will strive to incorporate more mental health events throughout the year, which the MHC will play a large role in brainstorming & creating. Lastly, this committee will potentially be an aid to registering for mental health services via our new partnership with RTS, the undergrad, etc.
INTRAMURAL COMMITTEE - The intramural committee will help create & manage the teams that participate in any intramural sports at the undergrad. The undergrad has year-round sports, which the I.C. will play a role in raising awareness of, creating teams, and managing rosters. This group will likely also play a role in team selection for the Barristers' Bowl.

STUDENT ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE - This committee is meant to be a liaison, where the many student organizations on campus can go to find other groups looking to partner events. This committee will aid our many student orgs with scheduling events, coordinating with each other, taking feedback from student orgs, etc.

MERCH COMMITTEE - This committee will play a role in creating quality merchandise that LSBA can sell to the student body at an affordable rate! This group will coordinate with Savannah Herrington, Director of Marketing, to create merchandise, provide inspiration for clothing ideas, and distribute once merch is on campus.
EVENTS COMMITTEE - This group will work closely with Emmy Foster, LSBA's Events Coordinator, in coming up with themes, inspiration, and ideas for our LSBA events this year.

JXN COMMITTEE - The JXN Committee will plan events around the JXN-Metro, highlighting local spots of interest in the Jackson community. This group's goal is to help integrate students from all over the country to explore Jackson & its surrounding areas.

CULINARY COMMITTEE - This committee will help schedule and enable food trucks to appear on campus periodically in order to provide our students with regularly scheduled dining options.

If any of these committees piqued your interest, reach out to Sam ( to learn how to get involved!
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