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Professor Highlight: MJ Hernandez

After speaking with many students, each of them has indicated that Professor MJ Hernandez has been a valuable addition to the MC Law faculty. From his deep knowledge of Civil Law Traditions and Louisiana Civil Procedure, all the way to his jokes in class about LSU football, or his handwriting on the board, each student in his class has expressed gratitude for how he has crafted the structure of his class.

Prior to joining the MC Law family, Professor Hernandez, a Louisiana native, graduated with his Bachelor of Political Science from Louisiana State University. Following his undergraduate studies, he continued his education at LSU Law - where he was editor and chief of Law Review his 3L year and the Community Service Chair to help many people find pro bono work. It was there that he found a passion for public interest work. As a long-term career, he knew that he wanted to be involved with legal academia as a professor, but he wanted to find a way to merge that with his growing interest in social justice reform.

After graduating from law school and passing the Louisiana Bar, Professor Hernandez has surpassed those goals and continues to do so. Immediately after law school, he was offered a position through the Washington, DC, Attorney General's Honor Program to work for the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR). After living in DC for two years, he missed home and accepted a job at the New Orleans, Louisiana Public Defenders office to continue advocating for equal rights of indigent defendants. Many of the people he represented did not know how the legal system works nor supportive family or friends to provide emotional support as they navigated being accused of a crime. Thus, Professor Hernandez was the liaison between their right to counsel and hopeful freedom and the effects of the prison system. After working as a public defender in New Orleans, he was offered a Federal Clerkship in Baton Rouge with the Honorable Brian A. Jackson of the Middle District of Louisiana.
All of that work has prepared Professor Hernandez to become the best professor possible - not just because of his passion for the betterment of future lawyers in the South, but because of his love for Louisiana Civil Law Traditions and the Louisiana Civil Code. Most people falsely perceive Louisiana Civil Law, arguing that it is similar to Common Law in every capacity but has a different vocabulary. This harmful rhetoric, as explained by Professor Hernandez, is one of the reasons why adequate education on Louisiana Civil Law is essential in surrounding states. Professor Hernandez's passion for tradition, a comprehensive system of codified rules, and uniformity of Law make him a zealous advocate for the history affiliated with Louisiana law. Professor Hernandez is committed to ensuring his students understand the Louisiana Law heritage and merging the circles to promote public interest work in Louisiana Law.

As of August of 2023, Professor Hernandez joined the MC Law family and taught his first law school class - Louisiana Civil Procedure - to a group of about 20 students. As mentioned above, each of them has expressed immense gratitude for how his class is structured and what they have learned. But that is just smoke in mirrors. Here is what the students themselves have to say about him:

"Professor Hernandez is a passionate professor committed to instilling the value of Louisiana law in his students. He truly wants every student to succeed and learn to love civil Law as much as he does!"
JeCinda Turner.
"BEST TEACHER EVER. Literally, truly the best teacher I have ever had, he cares so much about his students and is very helpful."
Perry Kelly.

"Professor Hernandez makes it abundantly clear he genuinely cares for his students and thoroughly enjoys academia. We are so lucky at MC Law to have someone as smart, caring, and genuine as Professor Hernandez."
Blake Sullivan.

"Professor Hernandez has a deep understanding of Louisiana Civil Procedure, encourages class discussion, keeps students engaged, and is always making us laugh. I literally do not think we have ever had one class where we did not laugh at least once. He always updates his canvas page on time and will sit down with you for hours to help you understand a concept. It is evident that he cares about each of us and our mental health. We are so lucky to be taught by him!"
Alexandra Daigle

"Professor Hernandez has been one of the very best professors I have had at MC Law! He made our 8:20 class so engaging, and it was always evident he was truly invested in us and our success! MC Law is beyond lucky to have him!"
Anna Claire Tucker.

"Professor Hernandez is really concerned for his students and wants the best for all of them. He will sit and work with you until you understand the material no matter how long it takes."
Joseph Spires

"Professor Hernandez is an impactful professor who truly cares about your knowledge of the material. He adds a personal element to the class that pushes you toward success."
John Spence.
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Nov 17, 2023

MAGA! Trump 2024!


Nov 17, 2023

Well done Hannah, best of luck to Mr. Hernandez.


Nov 17, 2023

Very informative article. I like what Mr. Hernandez is doing.


Nov 17, 2023

Great article!!!

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