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Seoulful Adventures

Is study abroad during law school worth it?
Studying abroad offers a unique chance to immerse yourself in a different culture, moving beyond just a vacation. MC Law's reintroduction of its study abroad program was an exciting opportunity I couldn't pass up, especially since one of the programs aligned with my interest in international government contracting.
During the summer, my peers and I embarked on an over 7,000-mile journey to Seoul, South Korea. The journey to South Korea was a first for many who had never traveled abroad, and it marked my first visit to Asia, the largest continent in the world. Seoul's captivating blend of skyscrapers and temples, old and new, left a lasting impression. I had the opportunity to reconnect with an old college friend and enjoy late-night strolls along the Cheonggyecheon stream, where a guitarist serenaded the night with the sweet melodies of John Legend. The atmosphere was a testament to South Korea's values of family, community, enjoyment, and productivity. As I marveled at the city's vibrant spirit, it became all the more remarkable when you considered the nation's tumultuous history, particularly the aftermath of the devastating North Korean invasion on June 25, 1950.
Prior to the trip, we learned about the history of South Korea and its tumultuous past. In 1950, the Korean War erupted when North Korea invaded the land of the Republic of Korea. For years leading up to the invasion, the ROK had been controlled by Japanese forces. Although a formal peace treaty was never signed, the ROK managed to secure a cease-fire agreement with the North, with the assistance of the United Nations and the United States. This devastating conflict left the ROK economically and socially ravaged, while the 38th parallel that divided the two Koreas took on a significance beyond mere geographical demarcation. It became a symbol of severed family ties, the boundary between communist ideology and the beginnings of democracy. During the past 70 years, South Korea has undergone significant changes that my peers and I have observed. During this time, we have witnessed the impressive endurance of South Koreans and the beneficial outcomes of their investments in their nation. With the support of prominent conglomerates like KIA, HYUNDAI, and LOTTE, South Korea embarked on the journey of building a new democracy from the ground up.
South Korea has come such a long way despite its young history of democracy. Overall, the courses we took during our two-week stay in South Korea were remarkable. My journey through Seoul went beyond the city's exterior beauty. It led me into the fascinating realm of international government contracting. I delved into topics such as Status and Force Agreements, shedding light on the complex jurisdiction of military officials and their dependents in foreign countries. It was a journey that not only broadened our horizons but also illuminated the intricacies of international relations.

Looking back on this journey, the course's well-structured curriculum struck a perfect balance, nurturing both academic growth and an appreciation for the beauty of Seoul. Through the lectures, my comprehension of the immense influence wielded by the United States on foreign soil was significantly broadened. Our visit to Greenberg Traurig Law Firm served as a reminder of the profound impact of American politics. Attorney Hwang allowed us to delve into the regulatory framework of American laws governing international trade—a standard followed by numerous countries. Witnessing firsthand the extent of America's global clout, I became more grateful and gained a stronger sense of pride in my country. If you're on the fence about deciding whether you should study abroad, I'm here to tell you the experience is indeed priceless.

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